29th Children Camp 2017 Educational Tour & Outdoor Activities

Flow of MC2 29th Children Camp 2017 : A trip to the supermarket ➡Lunch at Mcdonalds ➡ A visit to Rumah Orang-Orang Tua Sukarela Pandan 
At the supermarket, we planned out missions to aid in gaining practical life skills. Going to the supermarket to get the required groceries is a common practice among us. Once a child grows up, won’t it be pleasant for him or her to play a part in the family by helping with the grocery? Thus, this trip to the supermarket brings the child one step closer to independence as well! 

After completing the grocery missions, we organised a lunch session at Mcdonalds. Other than having their lunch there, our students were able to observe some back-end activities at the restaurant. Being able to view the process of how their food is prepared, is surely interesting and exciting! 

Thereafter, we brought our students to Rumah Orang-Orang Tua Sukarela Pandan. We would like our students’ parents to know that, we have donated the profits from MC2 Charity Fund Raising Year 2016 Event to the Old Folks Home. And that’s a total of RM1000.  

As a student of Macroview Care Centre, one is able to attain various life styles. Our annual children camp is carefully organised. Charity work is involved most of the time. Students are given the opportunity to interact with the needy. This allows us to cultivate compassion in the students.

Once again, we would like all to know that our Centre’s objective is to educate our students, in numerous ways. With great cooperation from the parents, along with mutual and valuable efforts to guide, to care, and to counsel our students, we are getting our students ready for LIFE.

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