Enrichment Programme


Read & Learn Programme

This programme is initiated at MC2 to help inculcate good reading habits in our students through fun and interactive activities — skits, rhymes and songs. This sensory and experiential learning style helps our children develop essential language and listening skills used in everyday life. 


Character Building Workshop

This workshop is attended by all our students on a weekly basis. Each week, our teachers will choose one good character trait (obedience, truthfulness, gratitude, forgiveness etc.) to be taught to our students. Besides academics, our centre believes that it is of equal importance to cultivate responsible and good future citizens. 


Festive Art & Crafts

Our Festive Art & Crafts sessions are held in conjunction with various traditional celebrations (Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. ). Our students will learn to create masterpieces of their own and learn about various cultural festivities at the same time. 


Field Trips

At MC2, we believe that learning should not be confined to the classroom. During the school holidays, we organise learning journeys to institutions, factories, nature parks, rural areas, historical places, and others. Students are given the opportunity to be part of the wider community and also experience real-life application of lessons taught in the classroom. 

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