Our Story

MC2 History

Who are we?

Macroview Care Centre (MC2) was founded by Ms Emily Low and her husband in 2003. The couple raised four children of their own with great care and saw them growing up to be healthy, happy and unique individuals. Ms Low, who actively engages in professional counseling and social work in Singapore, pursued the idea of bringing her expertise back to her homeland. Combining concepts of education and counseling, the couple focuses on children’s lifelong learning developments. They personally customised and led various programmes to develop children’s vast learning abilities.

Ever since, MC2 has been impacting young lives with our carefully designed learning programme. We are a leading provider of child care in Malaysia and a bilingual care centre for children aged 4 – 12. Our curriculum adopts a holistic approach by integrating “play” into learning. We believe that children learn and grow best when they are having fun — cultivating their joy in learning. At MC2, we aid our students in building a strong foundation to prepare them for greater success in future.

Our care centre is equipped with the necessary amenities and resources to complement the daily activities of our programme. With a highly-qualified in-house team of educators, we employ the latest methodologies in teaching — providing the best education and guidance for our students.

Mission: To nurture happy and confident children in a safe and caring environment.

Vision: To push the boundaries of innovation and creativity in learning, inspiring young minds.
MC2 Objectives

Our Goals

  • Strive to provide a homelike environment for our students to fully enjoy their childhood while embarking on their lifelong journey.
  • Respect the difference of each child — we foster a diverse and inclusive community to help each child discover their unique talent. 
  • Aim to build strong links with the child’s family and work closely with them on their child’s learning and development.
  • Ensure the quality of our teachers and update our curriculum accordingly to provide the best learning experience possible.
MC2 Beliefs

Our Core Values


We encourage children to have new ideas and "think out of the box". We provide them with unlimited opportunities to use their imagination and foster creative thinking.

Child-Initiated Learning

It is important for our students to take ownership of their learning — to create their own experiences. We create the environment for our children to develop in every way possible and help them realise their full potential.


"It takes a whole village to raise a child." We believe that a child's development is a collaborative effort between the teachers, the parents and the little one.

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