Mc2 Parenting Workshop Recap: Competent Parenting 《称职家长》

带领者:Ms Emily Low


This year’s “Competent Parenting” workshop was held on May 11th. We are thrilled to share some photos from the workshop and extend our heartfelt thanks to all the parents who joined us. Your presence and investment of valuable time in this specially curated course designed with you in mind made it a great success.


This course focused on enhancing parent-child communication, understanding the love languages, and boosting children’s self-confidence. The insights and skills gained from this workshop are invaluable in fostering a supportive and nurturing community at Mc2.


Seeing the enthusiastic participation and dedication from our parents was truly heartwarming. We believe that the positive impact of this workshop will extend beyond individual families, contributing to a more loving and supportive community as a whole.


Thank you once again to all the parents who participated. Let’s continue to work together to create a nurturing and supportive environment for our children.

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