Happy Mid-Autumn Festival


7/9/2022(星期三)适逢学校放假,宏观内部师生共同举办全天的佳节活动,一起庆祝中秋节。孩子们都穿上他们喜爱的服装, 出席放松一天无功课的日子。同时也帶食物与同学们分享,增进彼此的快乐时光及美好的记忆。活动包括多样化的智力游戏、生活写照及填色创作等等。

In light of Mid-Autumn festival, our MC2 teachers and students have gathered together for a whole day of festive activities. All of them dressed up with their favorite clothes to attend a day of relaxed activities. Food and drinks were brought to share with one another too. The potluck practice brings everyone closer! Scroll on to look through the photo gallery of captured memories.


Thank you everyone for your support and love! Looking forward to the next one!

Walking along the memory lane~

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