A Heartfelt Celebration @ Mc2: Crafting Personalized Cards for Mother’s Day



This Mother’s Day, our students embarked on a heartfelt journey, creating personalized greeting cards for their mothers and elders. This activity was more than a simple craft; it was a profound expression of gratitude and love.


Through designing and assembling their cards, students reflected on the countless ways their mothers show love and dedication every day.


Collaborating with peers during this activity also fostered teamwork and strengthened community bonds within our center.


As the students presented their handcrafted cards to their mothers, it would have been a heartwarming moment as they feel a sense of pride and joy. These tokens of affection deepened the emotional bonds between mothers and children, reinforcing the importance of love and connection in our lives.


Such gestures remind us of the beauty of simple acts of love and connection.

To all mothers, Happy Mother’s Day!

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